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Updated: 4/6/2020
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  • I heard that she looked intohttps://www.dictionary.com › browse › Jacksonian-democracyThe Dictionaryhttps://www.dictionary.com › browse › Jacksonian-democracy
  • I Nailea Alvarez claim that Andrew Jackson is not worthy to be on the $20 bill
  • why would she claim that?
  • The Jacksonian Democracy was a movement to increase democracy in American government in 1830’s.
  • Did you here about the Jacksonian Democracy?
  • Andrew Jackson struggles to keep southern states from breaking away from the union over the issue of tariffs!
  • Yes! The Jacksonian Democracy was so he can get more votes from white men and even poor people can vote with no land as well that helps him win election hailed as triumph.
  • Do you think that it was nice to replace many government officials with his supporters giving them government jobs to political backers?
  • No! But Andrew Jackson thinks of it as a practice of a successful political party giving public office to its supporters. I personally think he was doing it for himself and not having courtesy for others. The spoils system should not be allowed.
  • NO! He just kicked out the Indians because they were independent so they moved and soon if they do get stronger somehow we have an enemy just for white settlement!
  • Who here thinks that the Indian Removal was a good idea?
  • Yes! The Sates Right's should be tolerated. It is political powers held for the state government than the federal government to the U.S Constitution, casting especially the enumerated powers of congress and the tenth amendment.
  • Just because Andrew Jackson Hates rich people doesn't mean that its right to demolish the most powerful bank
  • I agree and now he caused inflation and the Panic of 1837 cause of the amount of paper money was made.