Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Mom,what is Coronavirus?
  • Coronavirus,or COVID 19,is a dangerous virus.
  • Oh,i see.So how can we keep ourselves safe from this virus,mom?
  • Well,there are a lot of ways to stay safe.The first thing we can do is to wash our hands with soap and water,if we just came back from outside.Next,we must wear face masks and gloves when we go out.
  • How can we keep ourselves safe when we are at home?
  • We are safe at home itself,dear.When we don't go out,there is very little chance that we will get the virus.
  • Wow,that's great to know mom.But,how do the people with the virus get better?
  • Oh.There are fearless doctors and nurses who take care of those people,making sure they get the right care and medicine they need.
  • That's really brave of them.Is there any way we can thank them mom?
  • Oh,you surely can,sweetheart.You can send them nice messages and maybe drawings to make them happy.
  • Of course,dear.Let's go!
  • Really mom?Then will you help me make a card for the doctors and nurses?