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Water and it's circulation
Updated: 9/20/2020
Water and it's circulation
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  • Sure !! why not dear.
  • Dad, can you please help me with the chapter 'Water and it's Circulation' ?
  • So the process starts when the water from oceans and seas evaporates due to the sun's heat. This water vapour then condenses to form water droplets which eventually form clouds. These clouds become heavy and come down as rain.
  • Dad, what is the water cycle ?
  • That's an interesting question. No salinity of the ocean water is not the same at all places. It depends on the rate of evaporation and the amount of of precipitation
  • Oh wow !! That's interesting. So dad, the water in the oceans is saline. So is it the same at all places ?
  • The waters of the ocean are constantly in motion and these movements are in the from of waves and currents.
  • So you see oceans are important to us in a number of ways.
  • You have good knowledge about waves and tsunamis. Do you want me to tell you about the ocean currents ?
  • Oh yes dad ! I know about waves. They are caused by winds. The upper part of the wave is called crest and the lower part is called trough. And the huge tidal wave is called the tsunami.
  • Ocean currents are streams of ocean water flowing in a definite direction. They are caused by the action of planetary winds on the surface of oceans, differences in temperature, salinity and density of the waters. They influence the climate and human activities of the coastal regions.
  • Yes dad, I was just going to ask you about them.
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