Comic Book (World History)
Updated: 12/11/2020
Comic Book (World History)

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  • 3rd Estate Inequalities
  • Famine
  • Deficit Spending
  • $$$
  • Oh no!!
  • During the French Revolution, everyone in France belonged to one of three social classes called estates. The first estate was the clergy and church. The second estate consisted of the nobles. The third estate was the rest of the French people, which were peasants. One of the inequalities was taxation. This meant the third estate had to pay more taxes since both the church and nobles paid little to no taxes.
  • Women's March on Versailles
  • Due to a horrible harvest and winter in 1788, this resulted in Famine and starvation. People rioted in demands of receiving bread after rising prices in Paris.
  • National Assembly (Tennis Court Oath)
  • The first and second estate would spend and borrow large amounts of money than it they could take in.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man
  • Article I - Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions can be founded only on the common utility.
  • Women from the marketplaces led the March of Versailles. demanding bread. They would go to the market to go buy bread for their families; however, only to find little bread was extremely expensive.
  • The National Assembly is an assembly formed by the representatives of the third estate. It was formed for the people. The Tennis Court Oath was a pledge that was signed in the early days of the French Revolution. They promised to build a new constitution for France, and the King would be forced to comply with the new constitution.
  • The National Assembly is best known for passing the Declaration of the Rights. (The Marquis de la Fayette).
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