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Updated: 5/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Henry VIII's first wife was called Catherine of Aragon. She was divorced for not giving Henry a son but instead a daughter who happened to be Queen Mary I.
  • Anne Boleyn was Henry's second wife and the mother of the future Queen Elizebeth. She was divorced two days before her execution ordered by Henry.
  • Jane Seymour was Henry's third wife and possibly his favourite wife as she gave birth to a son who went on to be the future king Edward VI. Unfortunately Jane died just twelve days after giving birth due to complications which left Henry heart broken.
  • Anne of Cleves was Henry's forth wife who he was married to for just six moths and three days before they got divorced.
  • Catherine Howard was Henry's fifth wife but their marriage ended when Henry ordered for Catherine to be arrested for Henry believed Catherine intended to commit adultery so was later executed.
  • Catherine Parr was Henry's sixth wife and final wife as she outlived Henry. After Henry died she then married Thomas Seymour.