exploration narrative
Updated: 9/23/2018
exploration narrative
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  • Boulders Taller Than the Great Tower of Seville
  • Summary of the story
  • Where is the canyon?
  • 3 quotes from the story...
  • "They said that they had gone down one-third of the distance and that, from the point they had reached, the river seemed very large, and that, from what they saw, the width given by the Indians was correct." This quote shows, that when the got down to the river it was indeed very large.
  • "Accordingly they had marched for twenty days they came up to the gorges of the river, from the edge of which it looked as if the opposite side must have been more than three or four leagues by air" The Indians told them it would take twenty days for the men to get there and they were correct. The quotes says, when they got there the gorges of the river were astonishingly huge.
  • This exploration narrative was created by Garcia Lopez de Cardenas. 
  • Boulders Taller Than the Great Tower of Seville was about an explorer hearing about a canyon and a Large river. He and a group of men set out on a journey to find this amazing place. They also hoped to find a city of gold. On their way they found a group of natives. The natives told the men about the large river, boulder people, and the canyon. When they got to the river the were astonished by the view. The river was huge and the canyon was the bigger then they have ever expected!
  • "The men spent three days looking for a way down to the river; from the top it looked is if the water were a fathom across." This says, the men were skeptical about what the Indians told them because it looked like the river was only six feet across.
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