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English Project
Updated: 10/2/2020
English Project
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  • Ismarus:
  • Yayyy, my army and I just ruined this civilization!
  • RIP to me
  • Meeting, and killing, Cyclopes:
  • Ew.
  • My eye! )':
  • Aeolian Island
  • Ismarus was the first place Odysseus and his army conquered once they left from home. "When I had set sail thence the wind took me first to Ismarus, which is the city of the Cicons. There I sacked the town and put the people to the sword. We took their wives and also much booty, which we divided equitably amongst us, so that none might have reason to complain. I then said that we had better make off at once, but my men very foolishly would not obey me, so they staid there drinking much wine and killing great numbers of sheep and oxen on the sea shore. Meanwhile the Cicons cried out for help to other Cicons who lived inland." Page 143
  • Circe
  • help
  • Odysseus and his men end up on an island after a terrible storm but find out this land is the home of a terrifying Cyclops. " We drove the sharp end of the beam into the monster’s eye, and bearing upon it with all my weight I kept turning it round and round as though I were boring a hole in a ship’s plank with an auger, which two men with a wheel and strap can keep on turning as long as they choose. Even thus did we bore the red hot beam into his eye, till the boiling blood bubbled all over it as we worked it round and round, so that the steam from the burning eyeball scalded his eyelids and eyebrows, and the roots of the eye sputtered in the fire." Page 154
  • Talking to the Dead
  • Odysseus and his men were stuck on this Island for a month entertaining Aelous. Aelous finally decided to let them go and gave Odysseus a bag. Inside the bag was an assortment of storm winds. The men who were with Odysseus thought it was riches/treasures and decided to open it. ‘Thus they talked and evil counsels prevailed. Theyl oosed the sack, whereupon the wind flew howling forth and raised a storm that carried us weeping out to sea and away from our own country. Then I awoke, and knew not whether to throw myself into the sea or to live on and make the best of it; but I bore it, covered myself up, and lay down in the ship, while the men lamented bitterly as the fierce winds bore our fleet back to the Aeolian island" Page 162-163.
  • Island of Calypso
  • Odysseus was supposed to decline Circe's offer to go to bed with her so Odysseus could set his companions free but he accepted her offer instead. ‘Who and whenceare you? from what place and people have you come? Howcan it be that my drugs have no power to charm you? Neveryet was any man able to stand so much as a taste of the herbI gave you; you must be spell-proof; surely you can be noneother than the bold hero Ulysses, who Mercury always saidwould come here some day with his ship while on his wayhome from Troy; so be it then; sheathe your sword and letus go to bed, that we may make friends and learn to trust." Page 171
  • Ahhh, sword!!!!
  • When Odysseus finally left Circe's on that island, she commanded him to go talk to Teiresias to ask him questions. Odysseus ended up talking to many dead loved ones as well such a his mother. "Then came also the ghost of Theban Teiresias, with his golden sceptre in his hand. He knew me and said, ‘Ulysses, Free eBooks at Planet 183noble son of Laertes, why, poor man, have you left the light of day and come down to visit the dead in this sad place?Stand back from the trench and withdraw your sword that I may drink of the blood and answer your questions truly.’‘So I drew back, and sheathed my sword, whereon when he had drank of the blood he began with his prophecy." Page 182-183
  • "When Odysseus has finished his tale, the king orders him sped to Ithaca. A rug is spread on the deck of the ship, and he sleeps the whole way."
  • All my friends have decomposed.
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