Parable of the 3 friends
Updated: 6/2/2020
Parable of the 3 friends

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, Maxi & Karen just wondering if you want to watch a movie
  • Hey guys yep i'm in, everyone meet up at my house at 2pm
  • Karen - ye sounds great i'll be there
  • Hey Maxi & Karen, ye sounds good lets go
  • Hey Mark & Karen Let's go to the bus stop and catch a bus to the movies
  • Hi Guys
  • Let's get ready to hop on
  • i don't want to go to the movies
  • Ok guys the bus is about to come
  • Excuse me, it's not my fault you can't force and you know what i don't want to talk to you
  • Oh C'mon Karen
  • Are you joking me!! C'mon Karen what are you thinking that's so bad that you pull out at the last second
  • Ok fine
  • i invite you guys here so you can forgive eachother and not argue with eachother
  • The Next day
  • Yeah where friends again
  • I could ask you the same thing
  • Actually yeah i'm sorry for being mean
  • Sorry to
  • What are you doing here Karen?