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Updated: 6/14/2020
Comic Strip For English

Storyboard Description

The relevance to this scene in the novel is when the main characters sexual abuser is hit by a car in the street. The main character never told her father about the crime, and therefore must lie to him saying that he was her boyfriend in order to still go to his grave site. It is here that she believes that her own living demon is gone and she no longer has to live in fear because of him. However she later finds out that his death, was only the beginning of a series of unfortunate and horrid events soon to come.

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Please dad, let me go see him one last time. He was my boyfriend!
  • Scene 3
  • Thank goodness that monster is gone
  • It is in this scene that we find out that the first sexual assaulter, that had abused the main character of the novel had been hit by a car and subsequently died.
  • In this scene the main character of the novel hears of his passing, and lies to her father about what the boy was to her, instead of outright claiming he was her abuser which would not only let her not go but also start a fight between her and her father, she instead lies ad says that he was her boyfriend.
  • It is in this scene, that the main character of the novel, finally comes to terms with her abuser being dead and then believes that she will no longer have to live in fear of him and people like him, A conclusion she later realizes was but a fantasy.