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Updated: 3/4/2021
Unknown Story

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  • woof! woof!
  • One day, a woman named Yska wanted to go for a consultation because she was not feeling well. Yska often consulted her doctor at a private hospital, but it closed because it caught fire, so she went to another hospital.
  • Im so nervous!!
  • You should cut down on eating junkfoods.
  • BTW, You look so fine huh?, Your dress fit perfectly on you
  • Yska has already entered the clinic of the said hospital doctor. They had a good conversation at first with the doctor but as their conversation deepened, she noticed something strange in its behavior.
  • my stomach always hurts
  • Come in! Young and Beautiful Lady
  • Later, Yska was invited by her doctor to a room so that she could be checked up. But Yska is still wondering because her doctor's behavior is really strange and looks like he has bad intentions. But he ignored it.
  • U-uuhh?, O-okay cominng.
  • Okay! take of your clothes!
  • I want to F*ck you baby!
  • When they enter a room, the doctor intends to rape Yska and tells her to take off Yska's clothes. Yska was terrified and shocked by what was happening.
  • NO!! u-uh!! DONT do that!!!just let me out of here
  • NO!!! PLSS!
  • Because of that incident, Yska resisted and she deliberately punched the doctor in his face and kicked the doctor’s genitals, and she quickly ran out and asked for help from the police.
  • I only protected myself because of your evil plan
  • AAHHHH!,, what did you do!
  • After all that happened, Yska proved that self-defense was what she did. And eventually, the police caught the doctor and charged him with attempted rape and he was jailed.
  • Self-defense is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending.-Rorion Gracie-