Romeo and Juliet Project
Updated: 1/1/2021
Romeo and Juliet Project

Storyboard Text

  • O my love, my wife, Death, has gotten you and left me here alone. Still you lay here looking as beautiful as the sun
  • Here’s to my love. I drink this deadly poison. It acts quick. I shall die.
  • What is this ? Oh young Romeo you are so pale. Why has this happened! Oh now the lady is waking.
  • Yes, brother Capulet let's Join together and remember are beloved children.
  • O friar, where is my lord?I do remember that he should be here, so where shall he be Where is my Romeo?
  • I hear some noise. Lady, let's leave. Come, come away with me .Thy husband is dead. So let's go do not ask questions for they will only bring you sadness. The watch is coming. Come, go, Juliet. I dare no longer stay.
  • I do not care if the watch is coming I’ll be brief. I will take this dagger and die next to my beloved
  • Today we are here for the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet brought together by love but dead by hate. We shall remember their tragic love story and bring love to Verona
  • O Montague, I am so sorry that this has happened let us end this ridiculous feud and honor our children.
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