China: The Communist Revolution
Updated: 5/19/2020
China: The Communist Revolution
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  • China After Imperialism
  • Nationalists
  • The Rise of the Chinese Communists
  • The Long March - 1934
  • After the fall of the QingDynasty, China split apart under various warlords. The Nationalists Party tried to reunite China under one government, with the help of the Communists.
  • China’s Civil War, 1945-1949
  • Communists
  • In China the communist party was formed in 1921 inspired by the Russian Communists. At first they had to work together with the Nationalists to unite China but their goals were very different. Tension rose due to their differences and the Nationalists persecuted many Communists and The Communists created the red army to fight for land and divide it equally.
  • People’s Republic of China, 1949
  • The Chiang Kai-Shek and the Nationalists felt threatened so they ordered 700,000 troops to the Communists territories. Then the communists led a year long march with more than 100,000 people then only 8,000 people made it to the new base they created in the North.
  • The Legacy of Mao
  • At first the Nationalist made a huge military push to the Communist territories achieving many victories. Mao Zedong from the Communist plan knew he couldn't defeat the Nationalists immediately so he waged a long term war. Then over the next few years the Communists starting winning many battles which made them able to collapse the Nationalists Party.
  • This declared China as a Communist State and the Nationalists were separated from China where they lived in Taiwan.
  • Mao Zedong was the leader of China in 1949 he believed in peasent equality and hard work to improve China's economy. Unfortenently this was not the case and his poor economic growth policies, and lack of production in the economy made many people die and starve. He then created a Cultural Revolution that was supposed to make the country more modern but it actually made many people turn against the government which ultimately made the downfall of Mao's power.
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