Natalee Keenan

Updated: 5/19/2020
Natalee Keenan

Storyboard Text

  • Throughout my educational career, I have always wanted to work with children. After being an Instructional Assistant and working with amazing educators and my mentor, I knew I wanted to be a Special Education teacher.
  • My love for education and for learning came from my positive role models: Grandpa, a high school principal, Grandma, Elementary teacher, and Mother, a Middle School teacher.
  • I studied Special Education at Chapman University and was able to learn from amazingly talented educators.
  • I strive to create a classroom that supports multiple learning styles and promotes lifelong learning skills.
  • I enjoy collaborating and working closely with colleagues and families to ensure Individualized Education Plans meet student's unique educational needs.
  • My goal is to make learning a positive and fun experience for all learners while providing a stable environment that students look forward to being a part of everyday.