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English final Project.

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  • Scene where Shlomo dies
  • *Shlomo had feverish lips and was delusional. *
  • Son, I buried the gold and silver, you must find it. They are also beating me.
  • Scene where Shlomo dies
  • I am a surgeon. Your father has dysentery. Make room for others!
  • Please help my father! He has dysentery.
  • Scene where Shlomo dies
  • I'm sorry son, we can't do anything for him. You should take his rations for your well-being.
  • They took my bread! They were beating me!
  • This scene is close to the end of the book when Elie's dad is dying. Elie's dad is delirious and dying of dysentery. He claims that he isn't being fed because he is sick and not worth wasting food on.
  • Exposition/Rising Action
  • One day, a surgeon comes to the block, but does not want to treat Shlomo. No doctor wants to waste their time on his father because there is no cure for him.
  • Climax
  • TO WORK!!
  • Elie listened to the doctor without reacting and thought about leaving his father, but he didn't. One day, his father's body was replaced in the cot. He died and Elie felt could not weep. He felt free.
  • Falling Action/Resolution
  • FREE!
  • HOME!
  • This story starts with Elie's religious family in Sighet, Transylvania in 1944. He wants to learn more from Moshe the Beadle. When the Nazis reach his area, they are taken from their home to ghettos and later concentration camps.
  • Moshe the Beadle
  • Elie and his father were separated from his mom and sisters, who were burned in Birkenau. After this the father and Elie go to Auschwitz, The worst of the concentration camps. There, they had to work and after, they would be "tested." If they did not pass, they would be killed. One day, they had to run for 50 miles to go to another camp, Buchenwald.
  • His father dies of dysentery on January 29. Elie. On April 5, they were saying that the SS officers were planning on shooting the Jews there. Some were acting as non Jews. After not eating for six days, they were evacuated from the camp. A battle started and the Americans won. Afterwards, they were free. Elie got sick, and felt like he lost himself. He felt soul-less.
  • When Elie finally looks at himself, he thought of himself as a corpse.
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