StoryboardThat Assignment
Updated: 2/11/2021
StoryboardThat Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • School
  • City Hall
  • When Natalia was sad her mom brought her a gift that she really wanted because Natalia couldn't get it because it brought her up on the inside
  • Bakery
  • Here shows Natalia becoming happy because she is able to spend quality time with her cousin and mom instead of being alone at the pool all you really need to do is spend time
  • Here the kids are amazed and are watching natalia take the center of attention since one of her personality traits is "the performer""
  • Francis Family
  • ......
  • Natalia's little sister fell down the stairs coming from her bed so Natalia is waiting for her to get down to heal her with a Band-Aid and comfort her. with comforter you just need to take in the love and support they offer you