How do the bolsheviks rise in significance during 1917?
Updated: 2/3/2020
How do the bolsheviks rise in significance during 1917?
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  • The overthrow of the PG. An immedi-ate end to war. All power to the sovie-ts, state control of factories and ban-ks
  • We want Change!!!
  • Lenin returned from Switzerland with German assistance and issued his 'April thesis'
  • Failure of the June offensive lead to widespread muti-nies in the army and strikes in the city. Bolsheviks supported. Kerensky arrested many Bolshevik leadersand started a propaganda campaign against Bolshevi-ks. Lenin fled to Finland
  • 9th August. PG offered timetable for new elections to a constituent Assembly. Date for elections set on 12th of November, with opening session of new CA on 28th Nov. Lenin appealed to his party to prepare for overt-hrow before elections.
  • Kornilov affair August 1917. General Kornilov moved troops to Petrograd due to growing unrest. Kerensky feared military take over and asked the Bolsheviks forhelp. Showed PG as weak.
  • Bolsehvik membership role to 200,000, and produced over 41 papers in Russia. An elite force of 10,000 'red guards' recruited in Petrograds factories. By end ofSep, Bolsheviks had majority of seats in PG soviet.
  • 16th Oct, PG soviet set up 'Military revolutionary committee' to protect soviet from German invasion.chaired by Trotsky, Bolshevik membership comprised 48/66. Lenin was threated and gave order to seize power. PG had no military backup. Winter palace was seized, Kerensky fled out of Petrograd.
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