their eyes were watching god

Updated: 9/15/2020
their eyes were watching god

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  • Janie has her first kiss with Johnny Taylor when she is 16 years old.
  • This incident makes her Nanny force Janie to marry Logan Killicks.
  • "I dew, shmucks" says Janie. "Course I dew, sugah" says Logan.
  • Janie leaves her marriage with Logan and marries Jody Starks. They move and he becomes the first mayor of an all-black town called Eatonville.
  • They live together in this town for about twenty years until Jody passes away from liver failure.
  • After Jody passes away, a man named Tea Cake seduces Janie and she falls in love with him.
  • "Run away wih me Janie, I sure loves yah"
  • They leave Eatonville in hopes of starting a new life together.
  • "Course I will Tea Cake, I loves yah tooh"
  • Then, a hurricane strikes and Janie and Tea Cake have to flee their home.
  • "Mah goodness Tea Cake, arh ya alrite?!"
  • To save Janie anmd himself, Tea Cake fight soff a dog that bites him and gives him rabies.
  • Tea Cake's rabies make him go mad and attack Janie, which makes her shoot and kill him to protect herself.
  • This makes Janie have to go to trial for his murder in front of an all-white jury, she wins the trial but it serves as a horrible experience for her.
  • Janie then returns to Eatonville where she meet up with her friend, her only friend, Pheoby.
  • She tells Pheoby her entire life story and she listens, showing that she's a real friend.