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Utilitarianism v. Retributivism
Updated: 2/20/2019
Utilitarianism v. Retributivism
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  • You know today, Jack, the second grader, stole five dollars he found on my desk. What do you think we should do?
  • I think that Utilitarianism is the ideology we should follow. I believe the actions taken should be beneficial for us as a school and for the rest of the students.
  • No, I think that we should follow retributivism. I believe that the actions we take against the kid should advocate the punishment for what the kid did.
  • How would your method work? What is the “deserved” punishment for the stealing of the money. There’s no purpose for any punishment you would give because it’s just based on the punishment and action itself.
  • Yours wouldn’t work either because you are making the kids be afraid of you just for the greater good of the school. There’s no lesson taught if you dont give him what he deserves. 
  • I believe my punishments would work. I would make him sit closer to his teacher, make the kid say sorry, and I would also have him stay for a few weeks after school so he can reinforce his values. This would help no one do it again.
  • I still think that we should look for something he really deserves for him to really pay for what he did, no matter what the greater good is.
  • Let's talk to the principal and let her decide Jack's punishment.
  • Yes! That's a good idea.
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