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Natalies' landlady
Updated: 9/16/2020
Natalies' landlady
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  • So Billy walked up to this strangely looking house and rung the doorbell . The land lady soon came and answered the door .
  • "Billy : Excuse me is there a fairly cheap hotel not to far from here ? " said Billy
  • " I'm not sure " said the landlady
  • Billy proceeds to ask the stranger would she like to help him find somewhere to stay for the night so she then begins to think an proceeds to invite Billy in .
  • "Would you mind helping me find somewhere " said Billy
  • " I tell you what , why don't you come inside an check it out " said the landlady
  • So Billy walks in an notices that its offley cold , an that this place was strange but he went along with it anyways .
  • "Welcome " said the Landlady
  • Billy thought that it was very cold an he stated to the lady that " the air was deadly cold and the wind was like a flat blade of ice on his cheeks"
  • They then proceeded to move towards the stairs , because of what Billy told her
  • Billy then told her " I seen your notice in the window "
  • " I was wondering about a room " Billy says
  • The lady lady said " Yes I know dear "
  • " It's already ready for you my dear " said the landlady
  • So after the went up the stairs , they stopped right before they went in a door way an they proceeded to say .... Billy then thought this was fairly cheap for a room an breakfast
  • ' I was on my way to Bell an Dragon but your sign caught my eye " said Billy
  • "So how much do you charge " ask the boy
  • "five an sixpence a night , including breakfast "
  • So after all of this the Landlady then shows Billy his room but he then notices quite a few things were very strange but nonetheless the story continues .
  • " Five and sixpence is fine , I should very much , like staying here " Billy answered
  • "I knew you would , do come in " the Landlady responded
  • The Landlady then added " Is this too much ?" If so " perhaps I can reduce it just a tiny bit "
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