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rogue wave
Updated: 9/18/2018
rogue wave
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  • Sully and Scoot went sailing south of Ensenada in the Pacific Ocean. Everything goes normal,until Scoot goes down to the gallery to make sandwhics leaving Sully alone on the deck controlling the boat.
  • A rogue wave hits the Sea dog and flips the boat over. Sully noticed Scoot was no where to be found, he dove down into the water into the gallery. He tired to open the door but it was jammed.
  • Scoot woke up with a headache and in chilly water, until a little while later Scoot realized she was trapped in the Sea Dog's Cabin. Scoot uses the flashlight to look for the window, with all her strength she pushes her feet against the window. She swims against the pressure of water to reach the surface.
  • Sully started to get nervous as the sun was setting down. When its starts to become darker, Sully won't be able to see if Scoot gets out. "Sully.." He looked out to the ocean and saw Scoot right in front of his eyes.
  • When Scoot was able to get out, Sully noticed a boat in the far distance. He started to wave frantically trying to get their attention. The boat Red Rooster rescued them and inquired what happened.
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