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Black September
Updated: 5/21/2020
Black September
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  • September 5, 1972
  • Stick to plan, we are going to start entering their living quarters, our goal: to kill every Israeli athlete we see.
  • The Munich Massacre begins (one of the 2 deaths at the village)
  • Hostage "accommodation"
  • BSO member: We demand that 220 prisoners be released from West German and Israeli jailsGerman Official: by no means
  • Very well, then we insist we be transported where we can hope to board a jetliner to escape to an Arab country.
  • Members of an Arab terrorist group (Black September) dress in Olympic sweat suits of Arab nations and jump the fence of the Olympic village in Munich, Germany, carrying bags filled with guns.
  • Shooting at Munich Airport
  • The terrorists, toting machine guns, birst into the apartments of 21 Israeli athletes and officials. Yossef Gutfreund, a wrestling referee who valiantly tried to keep the terrorist out, saved Tuvia sokolvosky, giving him the chance to escape.
  • The warning call 
  • *weeks later*
  • We've carried out our acts of violence, starting when we shot as Wasif-Al-Tali and our attempted assassinations to kill King Hussein and Zaid Al-Rifai in December and recently the shootings at Furstenfeldbruck. We've lost some of our members in these acts. I'm calling to let you know we should all be aware of the possible actions Israel may take in response to the massacre...
  • Black september succeded in taking hostages, In return for the hostages, the BSO demanded release of roughly 220 prisoners from west German and Israeli jails. After attempts to negotiate failed, the BSO members demanded to be transported by helicopters, with the Israelis in tow, to the nearby military base of furstenfeldbruck.
  • Israel declares war!
  • *Israel headquarters*
  • lets declare WAR!
  • Shooting broke out at Furstenfeldbruck and by the end of the bloody ordeal, all eleven Israeli hostages were dead (two at the village, the other nine at Furstenfeldbruck).
  • One of the members of the BSO contacts his members to alert them of the “Harsh revenge” and potentially greater conflict from the Israelis.
  • In response to the massacre at Munich, Israel declared war on terrorist activity and targeted Black September and Al-fatah equally. Some of Israel's immediate retalitory acts included killing hundreds of people.
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