Colonial REgions project
Updated: 8/26/2018
Colonial REgions project
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about the colonial regions

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  • Welcome to the greatest colonial region! The New English Colonies!
  • Look at all we have to offer!!
  • Outta my way chump! The Southern Colonies are the pride o' all the colonies!
  • Let me introduce to you the Colonial regions, starting with New England The New English Colonies were founded on the base of Puritanical beliefs. Being Puritan, they were more self-centered than the other regions.
  • We southern colonies provide the others with FOOD! Those Northerners don't have anything on us.
  • Because this region had poor rocky soil, the region became more industrialized and focused on producing goods. The region boasted naturally safe harbors which expanded the region's ship building industries. These industries included, shipping, shipbuilding, whaling, and fishing.
  • Stop fighting both of you. You're both important regions.
  • I should have a Best Mediator Award for settling all their squabbles. 
  • The Northern and Southern Colonies did not always get along well. Both colonies were intolerant of others and trying to be independent. But now it's the South's turn to be introduced.
  • Excuse the other regions, they can be a bit hot headed. Let me introduce myself, I'm the Middle Colonies.
  • The Southern region toils over their rich, fertile soil which with its long growing seasons provides bountiful harvests. The crops yielded from plantations is sold among the colonies and traded with England for goods. A majority of the crops grown on large plantations feeds all the colonies.
  • The Middle Colonies were like the mediators of the colonies. Settled by the Dutch, the Middle Colonies were practically created to be a natural mediator. The Dutch were known for being tolerant; religiously and overall tolerant.
  • The middle colonies share many qualities and characteristics as its bordering regions. They sport a moderate climate, good soil, and cold winters. The Middle colonies are the merchants that connected the North and Southern regions, physically, religiously, and economically.
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