Prankster Natalie:)
Updated: 9/10/2020
Prankster Natalie:)

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  • Me, my sister and her friend, my mom and her boyfriend, and my brother and his 3 friends, were all having fun by a campfire in my backyard on my moms birthday. (June 6)
  • What if I go on the side of the house and spray them with the hoes?!
  • I dare you!
  • Yes! Do It!!
  • And my 20 year old brother and his 20 year old friends decide to go jump on the trampoline. (I had to use swings because they didn't have a trampoline on here)
  • After a little of them on the trampoline...
  • ...I thought of a great idea! I wanted to go onto the side of the house, and spray them with the hoes.
  • So I snuck onto the side of the house and got the hoes. And started spraying them with it. And I hide behind a bush so the didnt see me. And they all thought it started raining.
  • They were all freaking out because they were getting soaked. And eventually i told them it was me and they all were so confused and frustrated at me!