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Energy Changes
Updated: 3/28/2019
Energy Changes
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  • Tanning
  • Lunch with Mr. Holtein
  • You're failing my class.
  • Mountain Climbing Gone Wrong
  • Help! Nat is falling off a mountain!
  • AHHHHH!!!
  • This is kinetic energy to potential energy. The light and heat from the sun is causing a chemical change in my skin. The entropy is the heat I'm giving off. (The smoke is my skin burning)
  • Oops!
  • This is potential energy to kinetic energy. The chemical bonds in the food (potential) break to give kinetic energy: motion and sound. The entropy is both the movement and sound.
  • Assuming I could actually hit the ball...
  • As I miserably fall to my death on this mountain, potential energy is changed into kinetic energy. The gravitational energy, as I climb higher and higher is changed into motion and sound, (as I scream on the fall down). Entropy is both motion and sound again.
  • Bullseye... Maybe...
  • As I walked through the woods, I forgot to blow out my torch! This chemical energy (potential) changes to motion, light, heat, and sound (kinetic) as I accidentally set the woods on fire. The entropy in this case is all of them- motion, light, heat and sound.
  • Oops!
  • This change is kinetic to potential energy. As I hit the ball, the motion of the ball goes through the air. There is also sound and heat. This changes to gravitational energy as the ball has to eventually fall to the ground. The entropy would be the heat from the ball whirring through the air, and sound and teammates cheer.
  • Yay!
  • Go Nat!!
  • This is potential energy changed to kinetic energy. The elastic is me pulling the bow string back. The kinetic is the movement and sound of the arrow hitting the bullseye (obviously). There is also heat given off as the arrow whizzes through the air. The entropy is the heat, movement and sound.
  • Ding!
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