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shop steward storyboard 1
Updated: 8/28/2020
shop steward storyboard 1
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  • In this scene; Thembi was told by her manager to go home becuase she was 2 hours late. Thembi lives in Khayelitsha and there was an unexpected bus strike that morning. Her manager did not even give her time to explain. Sometimes workers are mistreated at work by their employers because of different reasons. There can be an extreme level of unequal power balance in the employment relationship, and this is usually the root of most workplace issues.
  • Hey, the manager just told me to go home because I was 2 hours late. He did not even allow me to explain.
  • What! But there was a bus strike, it's not your fault!
  • In this scene; Natasha reminds Thembi that she is not alone, she belongs to a trade union and she has to speak to someone about this matter.Trade Unions are organisations that protect employees by ensuring that their rights in the workplace are protected and reserved. Trade Unions aim to address any injustices in the workplace.
  • No, you can not go home just like that. Remember you belong to a trade union. You have to speak to...
  • I should go home and come back tomorrow.
  • In this scene; The ladies mention the name of their elected shop steward.A shop steward is a trade union member that is elected or appointed to represent workers' interests towards management and the union. A shop steward plays a crucial role on the employment relationship.
  • Emily, our elected shop steward!
  • As an elected shop steward, Emily plays a pivotal role in the union organization. She is the main link between the members she represents and her union. As a link she has to communicate both ways, she has to inform her union of what is happening with their members and inform the members whats happening with the union.
  • We elect Emily to be our Shop Steward!
  • I will be honored, Thank you so much!
  • In this scene; Thembi goes to Emily's office and asks to speak to her. She explains to Emily what happened, that morning, in detail. Emily listens carefully and asks a few questions in order to understand what the problem may be.A shop steward has an important role of listening to fellow employees and giving them rational advice.
  • Good morning Emily. May I have a moment of your time, please?
  • In this scene; Emily advises Thembi to go home, after she realizes that Thembi has failed to comply with some office policies. Thembi has been late before, numerously, but she has not been given any official warning. Emily promises Thembi that she will speak with the manager and get back to her.
  • Okay. Thembi please go home, I will speak to the manager and get back to you.
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