Shadow script
Updated: 3/11/2020
Shadow script

Storyboard Text

  • Flashback
  • Studio shot
  • Lecture scene
  • Start of the script- starts with a flashback of uni is. Everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves.
  • Leaving lecture room
  • After the flashback scene, it cuts to the studio. The person is talking to the camera. Make's it more intense. Studio will have a black backdrop as it shows the difference between the happy times to the dark.
  • A few days later scene
  • Students have gotten to the lecture earlier than expected. The actual setting will be set in a lecture theatre. The friends are all talking to each, waiting for the time to go by fast. This is where the guy in the hoodie first comes onto the scene. He'll be seen through the peoples heads.
  • Looking out of window scene
  • Main character looks back to see the hooded figure sitting in the back of the classroom. No movement. The main character friends proceed to leave the room. The hooded figure still sits there.
  • Goes to a living room scene. The next occurrance is happening in their house. It is a girly day. They are watching TV, in their pj's. Main character goes upstairs to get dressed as they are about to go out.
  • The hooded figure is standing outside their house. The main character is looking out of the window.