Bob the friendly giant
Updated: 5/5/2020
Bob the friendly giant

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  • Hi I'm bob and I help people around the neighbourhood.
  • THANK YOU!! You've done a great job!
  • You're welcome.
  • I'm homeless and I need food. can you help me please?
  • Bob was a friendly giant, people called him...The friendliest giant in town!
  • Yes of corse.
  • Bob was walking around town when he saw a very dirty car. So Bob offered to wash it. The man said "that would be very helpful" so Bob washed the car.
  • As he strolled down the street, he felt very proud of himself. He sang at the top of his voice,"I've washed the car at number 4. I'm the friendliest giant in town, hey!" Then he heard a weird noise.....
  • He came across an old, homeless man, sobbing on a bench. "Could you spare a few pounds for me to buy some food? I'm really hungry. I've not eaten since yesterday. Bob went shopping for the old homeless man. He got food and drinks. The old man was very grateful.
  • As Bob skipped down the street he sang to himself"I've washed the car at number 4,I've fed the homeless man by the door.I'm the friendliest giant in town, hey!"
  • Bob turned around the corner and saw Natalie and Bert the dog. Bob offered to walk Bert. Natalie said "yes please."
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