gender roles
Updated: 3/12/2020
gender roles

Storyboard Text

  • Hey man!
  • Whats up bro? What happened last night why'd you leave the party??
  • Brooo I was just so sad I saw Gianna there and my heart just started getting mushy
  • Really dude you actually left because of a female?
  • This Pussy ahhaha
  • Yea man I was just so sad I had to get out of there
  • Are you a female dude? Why you trippin about a thot haha whats good with you???
  • No obviously i'm not a female (don't assume my gender) but guys can be upset too and have feelings.
  • No they cant bro that's so weird haha your a loser go cry to your mommy
  • Dude youre so mean and a bully I hate you dont talk to me anymore! Im allowed to have feelings
  • Your right man I only said that because im jealous of the way you express yourself so well. Im so sorry, do you want to kiss?