Uglies Part 1
Updated: 2/14/2020
Uglies Part 1

Storyboard Text

  • *After the bungee jacket scene*
  • Let's go across the bridge on hover boards!
  • Promise me you won't do anything stupid
  • I don't board much
  • Of course
  • It didn't feel any better
  • That looked a little better
  • *time passes*
  • I did it!
  • I want to be pretty, I can't come with you
  • ...Okay, okay. You made it.
  • If you ever want to follow me, use my code.
  • When Tally finally reunited with her friend Peris, she made a promise to him that she would no longer do any stupid tricks. After Tally got out of New Pretty Town, she met another ugly named Shay. Shay and Tally started to bond and Shay was to show Tally some of the tricks she also knew.
  • You must find Shay and bring her here or else, you will be ugly forever
  • I can't break Shay's promise though... let me think about it
  • Shay teaches Tally how to get use to the hover-board. Tally continues to struggle to get the hang of flying on the board, but Shay continues to encourage tally to keep trying.
  • Shay girl seems like she's trouble. She dragged you into this
  • She didn't drag me anywhere. I'm right here
  • Tally finally gets the hang of the hover-board and was able to fly around the flag. Shay praises her while teasing her too. When time had passed, it was nearly Tally and Shay's birthday which meant their time of their operation. However, Tally faces a bigger problem with Shay than riding hoverboards. Shay comes out to Tally about her plan on running away as she refuses to go through the operation with Tally. Tally still wants to be pretty and stays behind to go through the operation.
  • ...that's you, Tally. Forever
  • Okay, I'll do it. Turn it off
  • Tally is moved into to the Special Circumstances and Dr. Cable interviews Tally to find more about Shay and her disappearance. Tally finds out a little bit more about the city she lives in and Shay's disappearance. Dr. Cable gives Tally a difficult decision on whether to find Shay or stay ugly forever.
  • Tally's parents Sol and Ellie came to visit Tally after the Special Circumstances incident. They talk about what decision Tally should make, to either find Shay and break her promise or be ugly for life. Tally considers Peris's promise with her as well.
  • After talking to Peris that night, Tally finally considers an answer for Dr. Cable. Dr. Cable explains the plan to finding Shay to Tally and finally convinces Tally to go out on the "adventure" to bringing back Shay.