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The Atomic Theory
Updated: 9/17/2018
The Atomic Theory
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  • All matter is composed of small particles called atomos -Democritus 5th century BC
  • Dalton's Atomic Theory Example: Atoms are neither created nor destroyed -John Dalton 1807
  • Cathode ray particle is what we now call an electron, a negatively charged, subatomic particle. -J.J. Thomson Late 1800s
  • Proposed protons. Said that electrons moved around in certain circular orbits -Ernest Rutherford 1911
  • Used quantum theory. Helped Rutherford and said electrons in an atom revolve around the nucleus of an atom. -Niels Bohr 1913
  • Quantum mechanical model of the atom. Used math equations to help predict. -Erwin Schrodinger 1926
  • Came up with the uncertainty principle and the theory of quantum physics - Werner Heisenberg 1925
  • Found evidence of neutrons -James Chadwick 1932
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