biomimicry story board oct 16 2020

Updated: 10/15/2020
biomimicry story board oct 16 2020

Storyboard Text

  • Scientist Mark and Eva were helping NASA to crate a rover to get pictures and samples from mars.
  • Now Mark and Eva will gather information on the trip and the rover. Mark and Eva estimate that the temperature will be -81F.
  • There for Mark and Eva will have to desine the rover that will be going to mars . Right after the dezine they start on graphing out the costs and how much battery/fuel life they need to depend on. It will need to make a whapping 3 turns all around mars to make it home.
  • Now on this part mark and Eva have gathered all there tools and the materials. Now Mark and Eva need to be able to build the rover
  • In this section mark and Eva were started building the rover. They did it so now they wait for the next day they have to move it on the the rocket .
  • This last part mark and Eva loaded the rover on the rocket and after that they are ready for take off.