The Outsiders (continued)
Updated: 6/3/2020
The Outsiders (continued)

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  • Chapter Seven
  • I want some!
  • Who wants some cake.
  • Chapter Eight
  • Not really.
  • Are you okay Johnny?
  • Chapter Nine
  • Who wants to take me on?
  • I will Darry.
  • In chapter seven Ponyboy, Darry and Sodapop first hangout at the hospital to see if Dally and Johnny are okay then they head home to prepare for the rumble. In this scene Two-bit, Ponyboy, Darry and Sodapop are eating breakfast. Two-bit is also handing out slices of cake.
  • Chapter Ten
  • I said stop and put the gun down!
  • You'll have to catch me first!
  • In chapter eight Ponyboy and Two-bit go to visit Johnny and Dally then as they are hanging around town they talk to Randy and find out he's a good guy. In this scene, Two-bit and Ponyboy are checking on Johnny. This shows that Socs do feel things and that sometimes when you're a hero it takes some sacrifice.
  • Chapter Eleven
  • Ya me too.
  • Im kind of nervous about going to court to tomorrow.
  • In chapter nine the rumble starts and the Greasers come out victorious then Dally and Ponyboy go to see Johnny but Johnny dies. In this scene, Darry is asking if anyone wants to fight him and a Soc named Paul Holden wants to fight. This shows after all that fighting it did no good because Johnny still died in the end and no problems were solved.
  • Chapter Twelve
  • Court is now in session.
  • In chapter ten Ponyboy goes home from the hospital but then they get a call that Dally has robbed a shop but when they get there Dally pulls a gun and the cops shoot him, then Ponyboy faints and a few days later he wakes up. In this scene Dally has his gun and the cop shoots him. This shows that Johnny died a hero while Dally died young and desprete.
  • No Dally!
  • In chapter elven, Ponyboy wakes up sick and finds out that he was in the hospital, so then after a while of having visits for the doctor and resting Ponyboy talks to Randy. In this scene Ponyboy is talking to Randy about the court that is happening. This shows that some Socs and Greasers have the same feelings about things.
  • In chapter twelve Ponyboy goes to court, doesn't do to well in school, reads the book that Johnny gave him before he died, helped Sodapop feel better and started writing the Outsiders book. In the scene Ponyboy is in court. This shows that after all the fighting they did it only made things worse not better.