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The Odyssey Storyboard #5 - Nathan Andrew
Updated: 10/2/2020
The Odyssey Storyboard #5 - Nathan Andrew
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  • The Odyssey Storyboard #5- Nathan Andrew
  • Vengence
  • To Slay a Suitor
  • "Odysseus' Revenge", "Penelope's Test", and "The Ending".
  • Rejuvination
  • Odysseus shoots Antinous(a suitor) in the throat with an arrow and claims that he will finally make them pay in blood. While Telemachus retrieved the armor that was stowed away in the vault, Odysseus held the suitors back and killed any that tried to escape.
  • Penelope's Test
  • Telemachus returned with the weapons they hid in the vault to help. It was a long battle. They were backed into a corner at one point, but with Athena's blessings Odysseus and his friends were able to slay all of the suitors.
  • The Ending
  • After the battle, Odysseus was able to finally take a bath and get some rest. Athena helped restore Odysseus's health and appearance to better than what it was prior to his voyage. Penelope conducted a final test to determine whether it really was her husband.
  • Penelope ordered a servant to move the bed in her room. Odysseus claimed that this request was impossible because the entire castle was built upon that bedroom. He described the symbol and how it was made. It was then that Penelope knew Odysseus had finally returned.
  • After they kissed and embraced, Odysseus was once more reunited with his father Laertes. They received backlash from the slain suitor's families, but Athena took care of the situation. In the end, Odysseus had finally regained his family and his kingdom.
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