Climate Change
Updated: 1/15/2020
Climate Change
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  • Climate Change
  • By: Nathan Greene
  • Climate change is slowly happening and will soon destroy things and people. If we don't try to prevent it or atleast slow it down, then it will definitely destroy the most important parts of the planet
  • One of the major causes of climate change is burning fossil fuels. By stopping this , less carbon dioxide will enter our atmosphere, which will slow down climate change
  • Deforestation has also a big impact climate change. Trees are beneficial, as they absorb greenhouse houses and therefore less of the gasses are impacting our atmosphere
  • Reducing the use of energy will help the environment and slow down the climate change.
  • Buses, bikes, and walking are friendly ways to transport for the environment.
  • Transportation is also one of the main reasons why climate change is happening.
  • Cars, motorcycles, and airplanes are are some of the many methods of harmful transportation for the environment.
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