The Spread of Buddhism By: Nathaniel Hill P.D 5
Updated: 12/20/2019
The Spread of Buddhism By: Nathaniel Hill P.D 5
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  • Siddhartha was a spoiled Hindu prince that lived in a amazing palace with his father and his cousin as a wife. Siddhartha's father had kept Siddhartha in the palace for 29 years. His father did this because he wanted to protect Siddhartha so he could be the next emperor of India.
  • Siddhartha had a friend and one day he was leaving. Siddhartha asked, " why are you leaving? His friend replied, "because I have responsibilities and I have chores and work to do. "Why don't you do your chores here?" asked Siddhartha. "No my work is over there my home said his friend. "Let me take you outside to see the outside the palace" said Siddhartha's friend.
  • Wait, Why are you leaving my friend?
  • Sorry Siddhartha I have responsibilities and chores to do.
  • Siddhartha's friend took Siddhartha and he saw a old man, sick man, and a corpse. When Siddhartha saw this and it made him terrified. Siddhartha wanted to become a monk and find the meaning of life, so he sat out a journey.
  • My good friend Siddhartha, it's much different outside the palace.
  • Thank you very much little girl.
  • On Siddhartha's journey he was still struggling to find the meaning of life. Then this little girl brings Siddhartha a bowl of rice because she saw he skinny he was from starving himself to death.
  • I hope this helps sir.
  • Siddhartha then went to go under the tree and meditate. Later on he realized that just that one bowl of rice gave him happiness. Therefore this lead to Siddhartha getting enlightened and finds the meaning of life/Nirvana. Later on, Brahma convinced Siddhartha to become Buddha and to teach everyone.
  • bThis Bowl of rice brought me happiness.
  • Since Siddhartha is now known as Buddha he shares his knowledge with the Four Noble Truths, and the Eight-fold Path. Therefore this led to the spread of Buddhism.
  • Learn my knowledge about the Dharma and Karma people!!!
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