Cyber Genetics Take Over
Updated: 2/7/2021
Cyber Genetics Take Over

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  • Cyber Genetics Take Over
  • I hate cyber genetics, especially when it is created by the government! I always get that tingly feeling, like something bad is going to happen. The only reason I hate cyber genetics is because I always hear stories about cyber genetics taking over the user.
  • By Nate Kalleres
  • I was actually on the news last week talking about this. They called me crazy because of what I said.
  • Oh yeah, my name is ... Ugh what is my name? Tony. Yes, that's it. My job is being a realtor. I am heading over to the mansion I am selling right now.
  • I walk up the stairs and there is a man standing there with a suit and tie with his arms behind his back. "Who are you?", I said. "I'm the butler of this house." He held out his hand like I was going to shake his cyber genetic hand. "Oh, no thanks," I said with anger. "Very well. Then would you like a tour or some tea?" he said politely. "No! Stop! Can I please do my job?" I said intently. "Fine, I will go and clean the kitchen," he said angerly.
  • I walk down the hallway and turn to my left. "This is a huge library," I whispered. As I looked around to see what things would add to the appraisal of the mansion, I saw a book. The book was called, Cyber Genetics- What Are They Made Of? As soon as I touch it, a door opens. I see rickety old stairs and I walk down and find myself in a basement filled with cyber genetics. It was filled with drones, weapons, and new prosthetic limbs.
  • I pick up one of the new prosthetic arms. As I stared at the blue illuminating lights, I suddenly hear the clickity clack of the butler's shoes coming down the stairs. "What are you doing down here?" he said without his accent. I drop the prosthetic arm and the glass breaks. The arm slowly starts creeping towards me! The butler takes off his disguise. "You are under arrest! I am a secret agent working for the government." I could feel something crawling up my back. The agent yells, "Don't move!" Soon enough I see the prosthetic arm crawl onto my arm. I start to have chest pains. I drop to the ground clenching my chest. I think in my head, "How am I having a heart attack? I am only 31 years old!" The next thing I know, I can't feel my body and everything goes dark.
  • I hear somebody say faintly, "Soldier, soldier, soldier!" I open my eyes and everything comes back to me. It had been in a simulation all along.