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The Most Dangerous Game story board
Updated: 9/29/2019
The Most Dangerous Game story board
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Storyboard Text

  • Foreshadowing
  • The setting is on Ship-Reck island in the Caribbean Sea and the pov is third person limited.
  • "Sometimes an angry god of the high seas sends them to me"(Connell28). This quote shows foreshadowing because all the people that get to the island are "brought" to him.
  • "Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and, if need be, taken by the strong"(Connell 27). This is the conflict because the General is planning to "hunt" with Mr. Rainsford because he believes he is strong.
  • "We will hunt-you and I"(Connell 30). This point in the story was the climax because it is the beginning of their "hunt."
  • "One of us is to furnish the hounds. The other will sleep in thievery excellent bed"(Connell 36). This irony is situational because in the beginning of the story the General is the hunter and now he is the hunted.
  • "I want the ideal animal to hunt.....It must have courage, cunning, and, above all, it must be able to reason"(Connell 27). The theme of this story is that a passion can go so far before it turns into obsession and greed.
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