Updated: 3/17/2020

Storyboard Text

  • defining moment: time of the accident.
  • Andy was driving the night of the accident.Close friend to Robbie.
  • Andy struggles with coping with guilt from the accident.
  • ANDY
  • "I wanted it to be me that was dead instead of Rob." p.24
  • Strength: Caring and loyal friendWeakness: Falls into peer pressure
  • weakness: falling into peer pressure
  • "we got some brew and we just gonna be chillin."p 5
  • strength: being great at basketball
  • Rob Washington was thecaptain of the basketball team, and had high hopes of playing professionally forthe NBA
  • Robbie
  • defining moment: only person killed in the car accident, being a star basketball player
  • "I don't have time to deal with your temper tantrums."
  • weakness: not as understanding of Andy's depression as she should be
  • kiesha is andy's girlfriend, and is there for him like no one else is.
  • what is the character struggling with: helping Andy with his depression.
  • strength: good and reliable friend, and girlfriend.
  • will be remembered as Andy's supportive girlfriend
  • keisha