Slave plantation story
Updated: 2/23/2021
Slave plantation story

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  • Hi Its me Sirrah ! and today I want to tell you a little bit more about when I finally touched land.
  • 2. The grab and go auction was about slave buyers that would pay for a slave upfront and they would rush to get the slave they wanted.
  • 1. So when we first landed I was brought to a grab and go auction.
  • 2. Sometimes we are threatened to work or we are beaten up.
  • 1. I was bought by a cotton plantation farmer. He is very bad with us and we are punished very harshly even if we rest for a bit because we are tired of working a lot.
  • 2.If someone is getting punished then the rest is forced to watch it as well
  • 1.Life in a cotton plantation is very hard. We get to work 15-16 hours a day, from day clean to first dark.
  • 2. About 10 or 8 dozen people are put in a shack and we are huddled,like cattle
  • 1. Men are usually planters and women pick the plantation.
  • Well, now you know a little more about my life on a cotton plantation and also what I have to go through if I'm not a good slave.Bye see you next time.