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Tom Goes To School!
Updated: 6/7/2020
Tom Goes To School!
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  • But Mom! I don't want to go to school!
  • Don't worry! School is an amazing place where you can learn new things and make new friends.
  • Why don't you understand! I don't want to learn, I don't want to make friends and I don't want to go to school!
  • Fine! Have it you're way! Let's go home.
  • Mum! Can you come play with me?
  • Few days later...
  • Not now Tom, I'm making dinner.
  • x-4=5x=?
  • Today, Tom has got to face the biggest challenge of his life.... going to school! As you see Tom isn't a person who likes being the centre of attention... or being in public. His mum is trying to convince him to go but Tom is very determined not to.
  • Can someone please help me. I don't know my way around here. This is my first time being in school.
  • Hey punk! First time being in school? Let me show you arround. Not!
  • Hahahaha! You rock boss!
  • Tom just said a few words and his mum agreed?Well as you see Tom is a spoilt child and his mum always listened to him but today she was unhappy with Tom's decision. She knew what was going to happen in the future....
  • They bullies in the school were teasing me because I was new.
  • But you can stand up to them. Courage is one of your most importanat traits. Not mnay people have them.
  • Oh Jake! I don't care about what you say because I know I'm not a noob and who knows me better than me!
  • Not going to school led Tom into a grave mistake. He was now battling a monster called.... Boredom! Because Tom decided to quit school, he is left to battle a unbeatable monster alone which only a friend or a family member can help with....... Boredom! Then Tom decided that he will go to school!h
  • Hey look! It's the newbie! Or should I say - Noobie!!
  • Hahaha! You're jokes are out of this world boss!
  • As Tom is new to the school, he was the first victim for Jake and his gang,who were bullies. They specially picked on new kids and were very rude to them.
  • Helpless Tom went to his mum to consult about his new problem. Amazingly his mum told him about his superpower which can help him stand up to bullies.
  • As you can see,Tom has stood up to Jake and his loyal gang. Tom has tooken up both the challenges of going to school and facing bullies and there's lot to learn from him.
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