My friend Ernesto wants me to ride the roller coaster):

Updated: 8/27/2021
My friend Ernesto wants me to ride the roller coaster):

Storyboard Description

In a few words, I just came to enjoy the fair and see people suffer for an extreme decision that they make themselves, but I did not expect that my friend Ernesto would force me to make the decision to tell him no.

Storyboard Text

  • So if we could get on the Regina roller coaster?
  • If I were less fearful, maybe Ernesto could do it
  • You should have more confidence and if not, what are we coming to?
  • But I have a phobia of heights and you know it, if not if I would be able to climb
  • Nothing will happen Regina, trust me I'll be there, we should hurry before the game is filled
  • You should get on, I'm really afraid, but if I change my opinion, will you have to wait for me?
  • But hurry to decide, if you don't wait for me here, I want to get on
  • Okay then wait for me here, if you change your mind I'll be there formed
  • Okay, have fun I'll wait for you
  • ok wait a second, wish me luck I hope to get out alive HAHA
  • Good luck, you should leave your cell phone with me so you don't lose it
  • you're right, thanks for remembering, now I'm going to get on
  • It's nothing, have fun friend, I'll be waiting for you here, if an ice cream cart doesn't cross me