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Ms.steed work 8/6/20
Updated: 8/12/2020
Ms.steed work 8/6/20
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  • oh nooooo! she cant get on, shes going to try still my purse
  • omg yay, I cant wait
  • me too!!!
  • you have to wait!!
  • but im the next person
  • oh snap!
  • what is your problem your letting him go before me when i was next
  • thats how it works i'll tell you when you can go !!
  • no your just being racist
  • the lady in the purple candy wanted to get on the ride but the lady in the corner karen is getting ready to pick a fight
  • matter of a fact i dont even want you here or on this ride leave now
  • no i paid good money for this and i came here to have a good time & you're messing it up you racist !
  • look i dont care of whats going on but i paid money for this and yous are waisting my time.
  • karen is telling candy that she has to wait but she was the next person in line
  • oh come on before i call authority
  • smack
  • get up i said you not getting on!
  • karen then let the boy go on before candy so she started to get mad and question what she was doing that for... being unfair and mean
  • we came back with the boss of this place!
  • we don't tolerate this nonsense! your fired!
  • b- but she hit me first and she tried to still my purse!
  • you hit me and you dont like me because im black!!
  • since candy started to question karen she just told candy she couldn't even get on the ride but she was never letting the candy on the ride anyways ,she was stalling
  • since candy said she paid good money she just sat in the the seat to get on the ride but karen didn't want her to get on at all so she slapped her out of anger and carelessness
  • the people there got the boss and when he got there he fired the lady because she was so reckless and he didn't want the kind of service working for him so she got fired
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