Social Worldview 2
Updated: 2/8/2021
Social Worldview 2

Storyboard Text

  • 1. Hey, can I sit with you please? The bus is pretty full.
  • 2. Oh no, I'm going to have to sit next to that nerd
  • 3. Um no, I'm saving this seat for someone else.
  • 7. Why doesn't she want to sit with me?
  • 4. Huh? This is the last stop
  • 6. You can sit with us!
  • 5. No else is getting on the bus
  • You really think I would ever sit with a stinky nerd like you? You're so lame, you'll never be anything but a nerd!
  • blah blah
  • She thinks I'm a nerd?
  • She looks upset
  • Hey look!
  • Oh no, we should tell someone
  • 5. Ugh, such an annoying loser I can't even look at her anymore
  • 6. I liked my outfit today...
  • 2. Stop bullying her, do you want to trade spots?
  • 1. Get my note nerd?
  • 3. Yes I do, I can't stand her! Her clothes are hideous too!
  • 4. I'd be delighted to sit with her
  • What are you losers doing at my table?
  • This table isn't for stinky nerds get lost
  • The table doesn't belong to anyone actually
  • Please stop calling us nerd, we have names
  • I'm sure you can find another tablet to sit at
  • 5. That's enough!
  • 2. Just leave me alone
  • 6. She's asked you to stop, so stop.
  • 1. Looks like the stinky nerd made her way to the bathroom
  • 4. And stop calling me nerd!
  • 3. Why should I nerd-face?
  • 1. Oh no! I can't believe they got me in trouble
  • Of course. Bullying is never ok
  • 2. Thank you both for standing up for me, its greatly appreciated
  • You can sit with us whenever you want ok? And don't believe anything she said.
  • 7. You should quit treating her like that, she's clearly upset, treat others how you want to be treated