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Updated: 2/15/2019
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  • In this scene, Creon and his son Haemon are talking about how Haemon wants to marry Antigone but Creon wants Antigone dead. Haemon is trying to talk his father Creon out of killing her because Creon thinks it's the right thing to do but it is not really the right thing to do.
  • "Then she must die. But her death will cause another" (119)
  • "You'll never see me taken in by anything vile" (118)
  • In this scene, Antigone is telling Ismene her plan about burying her brother even though it is against the law. She believes that it is moraly right but it is against the law.
  • " But no one must hear of this; you must tell no one! I will keep it a secret, I promise" (68-69)
  • "Oh tell it! Tell everyone! Think how they'll hate you when it all comes out If they learn that you knew about it all the time!" (70-71)
  • In this scene, Haemon just left the scene because he is mad at his father for saying he is going to kill Antigone when Haemon was just about to marry her but now his father won't let him. So he left and said he was going to kill himself.
  • "Gone, gone. Creon, a young man in a rage is dangerous" (135-136 )
  • "Let him do, or dream to do, more than a man can. He shall not save these girls for death" (137-138)
  • " The burden you carry in your hands is heavy, But it is not all: you will find more in your house" (99-100)
  • In this scene, the messenger comes to Creon and his wife to tell them the news about there son and that he killed himself. As soon as they find out the wife goes to her room and then the messenger finds out that the wife is dead.
  • " What burden worse than this shall I find there?" (101)
  • In this scene, Creon brought in both of the girls to question them on what exactly happen to find out who did it and if the other sister knew about it. Creon was trying to see if he needs to put both of then to death. Ismene said she did it but Antigone defends and says it all her.
  • "But now I know what you meant; and I am here To join you, to take my share of punishment' (133-134)
  • " No, Ismene. You have no right to say so. You would not help me, and I will not have to help me" (131-132)
  • " I shall know the truth in death. But if the guilt Lies upon Creon judged me, then, I pray, May his punishment equal my own" (68-70)
  • In this scene, Antigone is saying her last words she is telling Choragus everything that she is thinking also telling Creon. She also tells them that she deserves to die because she knows she has done the right thing and she deserves to die but she is okay with it because she got to bury her brother.
  • " Unyielding, tormented still by the same winds" (71)
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