Trigonometry Problems 1
Updated: 3/22/2020
Trigonometry Problems 1

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  • By Nico Corral
  • Math in the Real World
  • I want to paint my roof, but I need to find the right ladder to reach my 7ft tall cabin, if I put my ladder 5ft away from the cabin, I can use the pythagorean theorem to find the right ladder length.
  • I have to 5 squared plus 7 squared equals x squared.
  • If I want to hit the top of that tree 63 meters away and 102 meters tall, I need to find the angle of elevation by using tan-1 (102/63).
  • NERD!!!
  • 5ft
  • If I want to go early Christmas shopping for this tree, I can only buy the perfect one that fits in my livin room that is 7ft tall How tall is this tree?
  • 63
  • 72 degrees
  • 56ft
  • I can use cosine to find how far my walk is to the top of this volcano
  • The End!