Comic Strip for Art Play
Updated: 2/17/2021
Comic Strip for Art Play

Storyboard Text

  • All this horrible litter, all over the place. I wonder if my friends down there are doing ok.
  • Oh, harry, I can hardly swim, with this bothersome bah caught on my fin.
  • Oh, dear, Percy. That's too bad.
  • Oh, Cori, that is awful.
  • This awful thing has been stuck around ny mouth for ages. I can't even eat. I am frantic to get it off.
  • Oh, dear. You are really stuck, aren't you.
  • HELP HELPI'm stuck in this awful net. Please Help.
  • All this horrible pollution. I can't help wondering why anyone would do such a thing.
  • Maybe someday, some kind young people will come along and realize the harm that people have done to the ocean, and maybe they will do something to fix it.