MAT 675 Storytelling Assignment 3B
Updated: 8/24/2018
MAT 675 Storytelling Assignment 3B
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  • How do solar panels work?
  • Solar panels are made with two different types of silicon that have special properties. When photons (energy from the sun) hit "N-type" silicon on a solar panel, electrons are able to bounce to the other side. This creates a flow of electricity which we can harness to power our homes!
  • This is Mary
  • Imagine a classroom with four seats, but you have five people in the room who need a place to sit.
  • I need to find a seat but this room is full!
  • This classroom is your "N-Type" Silicon
  • The people are your "electrons"
  • Next door, you have a classroom with only three people and one open seat.
  • I wonder where we can get one more person!
  • This classroom is your "P-type" Silicon
  • This is Susan. Susan is a "photon". Since photons are massless, Susan is a ghost. 
  • Go through the door Mary!
  • Mary is shy, so she needs a push to check out the classroom next door. 
  • The door is your "P-N Junction"
  • Since Mary moved from one room to another, she created an 'electron flow' AKA electricity! Now imagine this happening over and over again since sunlight keeps producing photons. This is why our solar panels will continue to function while they are in the sun. 
  • Hooray!
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