romeo and juliet
Updated: 2/14/2020
romeo and juliet

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  • Rosaline, you are my only love.
  • I don't have any love for you.
  • What a stunning man there I see!
  • Wow, what a beautiful woman. Who is she?
  • Yes, correct. Oh, we should make it official by getting married.
  • Juliet, we both feel the same way
  • Romeo is in love with Rosaline but also is depressed because of her, he goes to a party to meet her, but instead meets Juliet.
  • I prefer death than banishment!
  • Oh Romeo this is worse than your death!
  • Romeo sees Juliet for the first time. Standing next to a knight man and asks a service man who she might be.
  • Oh no!
  • Romeo is in Juliet's bushes and confesses his love her, than Juliet stands in her balcony, confessing her love for him without knowing he's in the bushes.
  • Romeo's bestfriend Mercutio is killed by Tybalt and Romeois full rage that he kills Tybalt and is banned from Verona. Juliet finds out and first cries because Tybalt, her cousin is dead then starts crying more because of Romeo's banishment.
  • After his banishment Romeo and Juliet spend the night. In the morning Romeo leaves Juliet and finds out she has to marry Paris on Thursday. She's broken, she goes to Friar Lawrence for advice he gives her a potion to put her in a death like state. Baltasar sees her and tells Romeo and he panics. So he goes to buy a potion to kill himself.
  • Juliet is supposedly "dead". Paris visits Juliet at her family's tomb, then Romeo arrives and Paris and him confront eachother and Romeo kills Paris and then he drinks a poison which kills him. Juliet wakes up, sees what happened and kills herself with Romeos sword.