Lost Generation APUSH
Updated: 2/24/2020
Lost Generation APUSH

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  • Hooray you won the war!
  • PTSD
  • The Lost Generation was significant in several aspects of American society, but most notably in the arts. Authors such as Ernest Hemmingway and F Scott Fitzgerald wrote literary masterpieces that both expose the flaws that we have as human beings and show the human ability to harm others and expose the flaws of American society and the fallacies that drive its people in terms of their motives. The effect of this group of people is also seen in some of the art trends of the time, as it ended the era of Romantic art and ushered in new forms of art such as dadaism and surrealism that expressed the lack of order and structure that actually characterizes society.The Lost Generation, while being very brief, is still relevant to society in terms of the art it produced. Not necessarily because of the fact that we study it in school, but because of the message it sends. The exposure of the psychological realities of war highlights one of the flaws of human nature: the tendency for humans to fight each other for no good reason at all. Despite this movement, and even deadlier wars that followed, we still constantly engage in conflict today, and the message of the lost generation is therefore still alive.
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