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The Fox & The Bird
Updated: 6/25/2020
The Fox & The Bird
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  • The Fox and The BirdCast of CharactersNARRATORFOXBird
  • NARRATOR: But when the Bird sat down at the table, the fox served the soup in a very shallow dish.
  • Scene 1: At the sidewalk
  • How about tomorrow night at seven?
  • See you, and be on time!.
  • It will be a surprise!
  • Would you like to come for dinner?
  • Narrator: Once upon a time there was a Fox and a Bird who were very good friends. One day the Fox invited the Stork to dinner.
  • When and what time shall I come?
  • Sounds good for me. See you tomorrow.
  • Sure. What will you cook?
  • Ok, I will.
  • Scene 2: In the Fox's house
  • Narrator: Next day the Stork arrived on time at the Fox`s house.
  • Hello!. Come and sit down, dinner is ready.
  • Tell me, what did you cook?.
  • I cooked a delicious soup. I`m sure you will like it!.
  • Scene 2 continued
  • What`s wrong?.
  • Of course I will.
  • Oh, really?. Well at least you can wet the end of your long bill in it, right?.
  • I`ll be there!.
  • Well, yes, but… never mind. Anyway I hope you will return this visit, and come and dine with me soon.
  • How about tomorrow night?.
  • It`s just that I can`t eat it with my long beak.
  • Scene 3: The Bird's house
  • Narrator: So that night the Bird went home hungry. Next day the Fox showed up on time at the Bird's home. .
  • Come in, my good friend, I was expecting you.
  • Sure, come and sit down, dinner is served.
  • Since you are my special host, I cooked your favorite food. A delicious soup!.
  • What did you cook?.
  • Oh, really?.
  • Scene 3 continued
  • Well, yes but, never mind.
  • Listen, my good friend, I am not sorry to say this, but one bad turn deserves another.
  • Narrator: But the Fox was surprised to see that the soup was served in a very long-necked jar with a narrow mouth. .
  • The soup indeed looks delicious, but my good friend, I can`t even insert my snout in this jar!.
  • Oh, really?. Well at least you can lick the outside of the jar, right?.
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